Motivating with Incentive Travel

By 26 October 2015Latest News, Trends

The carrot and the stick approach with incentives is not the same as it once was.  Whilst some argue carrots and sticks are no longer relevant with employees whose work requires skills above rudimentary cognitive tasks, we can’t ignore that most people are inspired by travel and that can represent a fairly juicy carrot.  Incentive travel rewards still work when they are designed with the right balance, tapping into intrinsic and extrinsic drivers, creating relevance and inspiration.

Two key elements we weave into our strategic approach are selecting the right destination and injecting purpose and meaning within the experience.

Destination: Where to go comes down to budget and time, but what is appropriate for the lifespan of the incentive, the audience and culture of the organisation, also plays strong role in the selection process.  With this in mind we seek out destinations that stretch the boundaries, providing a solid base to build an exciting program.

All over the world and in our own back yard there are destinations that stretch the boundaries with their iconic appeal, remoteness, cultural significance, glamourous lifestyle and natural beauty.

Content & Experience: To capture attention and develop ongoing engagement we inject purpose and meaning. To do this we look at the overall design of the journey with layer upon layer approach, offering quintessential experiences connecting with local people, way of life, culture, food, wine, history, art etc… and communicate the offering.

A step further to create authentic and intrinsic engagement is to include corporate social responsibility as part of the program. This allows participants to be part of something bigger. And gives them the opportunity to understand and connect with the people and places they visit.

We have found this combination creates meaningful, lifelong memories, provides
greater longevity for the incentive and enriches company culture.